Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2014

Tutorial - Making Molds

ok. So here ist hte reason why I dont show any painting processes in the last days. I was busy to create some trophys for our Clan tournament and a Regiment filler for the dwarfen ary I was painting at the here are the two masters:

Dwarfen Cave archway molded with Super Sculpey on platic card

 Tournament trophy sulptedon Aluminium sheetwith super sculpey, Miliput and greenstuff

I made a moldingbox with Legobrickswhich are incredible proof for Mold making. No silicon escape and you can customise themto every single thing you wanna make a mold from for minimal silicon use. Also put an underground of wax putty (children play stuff, fatfree) to get the gapses of the mold where I want them.

a little work with the calculator and the right ammount of silicon was mixed toghether ( I use an 1:1silicon mix called Si6Gb)

After an half hour you can pull the mold out (just read the note by the silicon how long you have to wait)

so now we can cast our molds. here are some pics. and never forget to put some extra molds nearby so if you mixed to much resin you have something to pullit in. In my case I made some Basemolds

so here are some Casts after releasing the molds after the harding process (also look at the notes how long you have to mix it up and how long your resin need to set down)

here is the cast of the archway

and here are the planko Trophys

painted they look like this: the woodbases are going to get painted black

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