Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

Games Workshop - Nagash more Wip

So after this "Malerwartung" session in Göppingen I have finished the head of my Nagash,and I think there where enought timespend on it (about 8-10 h). There isenough nagash left to spent reallymassive time on it. XD

so here some pics and I hope you like him:

And for those who asked, here are my colourshemas:




I also started colourbasing the armour parts of Nagashs Body. Yeah with the brightest orange I can find. From thins I go down with the Coulours over red into nearby black. The Orange goes as a primer to make my red look brighter and colourfuller. As I go on I will show more pics of the Procedure and so you can see what I mean....

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