Dienstag, 30. September 2014

Workshop - Massive Voodoo Postapokalytical Base building workshop

I had a great Weekend at the Massive Vodoo Basebuilding workshop. And I have to admit.I was to much into the workflow to get everithing finished so I havnt made any Pics.... so here are the results from this really enjoyable Weekend: Thme was "Postapokalypse - Nature come back"

feom the frontview you see that guy with his gun on his outpost looking for anything that means trouble. I wanna keep everthin really cold coloured exept the Flora and Fauna who is coming back slowly.

from the sideview you see an old Sign (still Wip) wich declares here where some real apes long time ago ( alittle tribute to the Massive voodoo guys and her sacrifice of timeand nerves to learn us theire hard learned knowledge)
 Backviev shows us the little escaperoom in warm colours who is the Home of the guy at the top. The Roof is made  to catch up the rainwater into this Barrel (gonna get filles with little fishes and Modell water) for Water and food supliment.
at the other side of the Base you see a pregnant wife sleeping at some Backs of something and Fabrics to hold her warm.Now we know why that guy is that watchful... New life in the postapokalypse

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