Dienstag, 9. September 2014

Games Workshop - Nagash Esembled for Painting

So I get my Nagash at Saturday and today I get him to assembling. First Impression: "oh my gosh...its huge, and those Ghosty mist parts are really massive". As you can see on the Photo I build him up for Painting. The Nagash on its own (The Head an the loincloth get extra cause it would make it really different to paint the parts they overlay, and on the other side they are really easy to asemble at last. Also the downer part. Havent glued it on Base so I can  turn over it as much as i like an came better to the insideparts..

This modell is huge: 14 cm the downer part and another 14 cm for the upper part with head and hat. So its as bis as an Phantom Knight of the Eldar or an Imperial Knight from the Adeptus Mechanicum.....

everything fits really well an for the misty parts and all the books they made different plugs so everypart only fits to his destinied part....really well done!

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