Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Super Dungeon Explore - Summer Project on tabletopwelt.de

so it starts

the summer project from TabletopWelten.de starts today and I m on board. Try to get my Super Dungeon Explor Heroes &Villains painted. 6 minis per month, a quarter Year long. Letshope I get this ^^"

I already based the guys and primed them. Also made some painting teams for more motivation:

 team one: the easygoing to get a feeling for this guy and the painting style/technics I needfor them.
 team two: the cool guys. Dwarfen power, Spartanand Link on the way! what else do you need?
 team three: Magic Power and undeadpiratesare the best wayto finish a good Mission ;)

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