Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Kingdom Death PinUps - White speaker WiP

long time nothing heard about me. Im really sorry ^^" but I got a Gem for You. My kingdom Death PinUp Box arrived some Days ago and finally I have the time to spend this awesome Miniatures some Colour. I started with the white Speaker because Ireally love this modell and she is on of the "easier" to paint modells out from the Box. So here we go (and I have to say in real life there are not that harsch colorlines, so I will thake another round to soft them out).

She is really basic. just some first highlights on the skin. no leather paintet and the silver parts just get a first shade. Only the cloths are finished in my eyes. hope You like it and if you have some tipps for the skin I would be very happy if you tell them to me ;)

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